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About Us

CureCeutiCals FreshMeUp Powered by CITRUS-VEG Bioflavonoids; disinfects Germs Bacteria Fungus Virus Odors and Stains
www.icpCorporation.com | FreshMeUp.com
Milwaukee, WI US

D I S C O V E R  T H E   I M P R O V E D 
New Look  |  Improved Formulations
With Powerful FreshMeUp CITRO-V™ Bioflavonoids

Kills 99.9% Germs

Live Clean! Live Fresh! Live Natural! Live Confident! Live Bioflavonoids!

ICP was established as a Wisconsin corporation since 1992. ICP started as a Manufacturers Rep and in 2005 began intensive research and development of "clean" products and in 2007 CureCeutiCals® was born.

In 2015 ICP significantly improved all its formulations and merged its CureCeutiCals® and FreshMeUp®.  ICP formulates its products with CITRO-V™ a proprietary blend bioflavonoids that kills germs, disinfect germs, disinfects bacteria, pathogenic fungi, and some viruses, naturally. Its products are cutting-edge "nature" technology, safe, effective, application-friendly, and free from side-effects common among most prescription brands.

In 2015, ICP is undertook the following Bold Initiatives:
  1. Enhancement of its CureCeutiCals® Brand - A New Look, New and Improved Formulations
  2. Introducing CITRO-V™ Pharma for the production of  CureCeutiCals ® Fresh Me Up ®
  3. Launching its New Marketing Initiatives: "Live Clean, Live Fresh, Live Natural, Live Confident! Live Bioflavonoids"
ICP backs its products with 100% consumer money back guarantee and total hassle-free customer satisfaction policy! We utilize state-of-the-art bar-code technology for warehousing and distribution logistics, and we are fully EDI active.

Our Mission

Live Confident!

Our Vision

Enhancing quality-of-life around the globe by reducing the amount of chemicals used on our skin, in our bodies and in the environment.
Partial List  - Trade Partners
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Quarles & Brady - Corporate Law Firm
  • Warehouse, Packaging /Distribution Logistics
  • Meijer, Do it Best, Dunham's, Amazon, Sears.com
  • Sporting Goods Stores, Convenience Stores, Natural & Organic Stores
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12-Pack: CC-72000 CLAM CLAM TICK REMOVERS with Specimen Vial

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
CureCeutiCals ®, Fresh Me Up ® SakeOnSkin ™ are marks owned by ICP.  Year of The Women® and YearOfTheWomen.com are owned and operated ICP, a Wisconsin corporation Since 1992. For more information, visit our corporate site www.icpCorporation.com