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CURECEUTICALS® Fresh Me Up ® Foot Odor Fungal Spray

What's up with the Trigger Spray Bottle?

Knock Out Fungus Odors Fast!
FreshMeUp® is a natural powerful hospital-grade disinfectant that can be used on the entire body, pets, surfaces such as counter-tops, toilets, floors, in the kitchen on food tables, garbage containers, and anywhere that need sanitizing. It is also a natural effective hand sanitizer; kills 99.9% germs.

It is safe to breathe and safe to use around food and kids. It is safe to use in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, dorms, in the car or RV, in senior living centers, as well as in daycare facilities. FreshMeUp® disinfects bacteria, pathogenic fungi, viruses, and mold and is made with a broad-spectrum antimicrobial NATURAL preservative with shelf-life as long or longer than chemical based preservatives. There is no other product like it!

Kills 99.9% Germs

Got Fungus / Odors?
Knock Out Fungus Fast With FreshMeUp®

100% Natural With Powerful Bio-flavonoids from Fruit,
Vegetables, Plants (including Aloe), and Manuka Honey

The BEST Natural Disinfecting
Sanitizing Germ Killing Fungal Spray
With Powerful FreshMeUp® Bioflavonoids

Hands / Feet / Skin / Surfaces
Non-Sticky. Immediately starts working on contact!
Leaves feet and skin clean, fresh, and sanitized.

    • It naturally eliminates (does not mask) foot odors and bacteria causing odors from athletes foot and skin.
    • It promotes healing dry cracked skin, blisters, and naturally disinfects fungal feet.
    • A safe natural disinfectant on humans, animals, toys, in shoes and socks, and on the environment.
    • EZ to use Trigger Sprayer with Two-Spray Settings: Spray and Stream

Try it today! You have nothing to lose, except Fungus, Bacteria, Germs, Virus and Mold!

N A T U R A L  F R E S H  S C E N T S

Cleansing Citrus | Healing Eucalyptus | Fresh Breath Spearmint | Luscious Lavende

Attributes of CITRO-V™ Bioflvonoids:

·        99.9% Biodegradable

·        Non-harmful to humans, animals and the environment

·        Does not contain any petrochemicals

·        Not tested on animals, Non – toxic, Non – hazardous

·        Non – corrosive, Non – carcinogenic

·        Hypoallergenic, Leaves no toxic residue

·       Safe to use on children 3 years and older, safe on pets and toys

·        Broad spectrum of activity over multiple applications

·        A powerful antioxidant, effective against mold and fungi on hard and soft surfaces

CURECEUTICALS ® Fresh Me UP ® with CITRO-V™ is a natural broad spectrum preservative containing bioflavonoids from fruit. It is also blended with Aloe Vera, and Manuka Honey and the respective FDA/EPA approved active ingredient. 

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CureCeutiCals® Fresh Me Up Manuka Honey Foot Odor Spray - EUCALYPTUS  6 oz.
CureCeutiCals® Fresh Me Up Manuka Honey Foot Odor Spray - EUCALYPTUS 6 oz.
Your Price: $9.95
CureCeutiCals® FreshMeUp Manuka Honey Foot Odor Spray - 6 oz. Citrus
CureCeutiCals® FreshMeUp Manuka Honey Foot Odor Spray - 6 oz. Citrus
Your Price: $9.95
On sale: $7.95 On Sale

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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