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FreshMeUp Bioflavonoids

FreshMeUp® CitrusVeg™ Bioflavonoids


CitrusVeg™ is our proprietary blend of bioflavonoids from fruit/Vegetable/Plants/Manuka Honey designed to disinfect Germs (kills 99.9% Germs), Bacteria, Pathogenic Fungi, Viruses, and Mold, NATURALLY without chemicals or drugs.

Some of the attributes of CitrusVeg™:

        • 99.9% Biodegradable / Non-harmful to humans, animals and the environment

        • Does not contain any petrochemicals / Not tested on animals /  Non – toxic

        • Non – hazardous / Non – corrosive; Non – carcinogenic / Hypoallergenic / Leaves no toxic residue

        • Food safe – will not taint food or food products / Safe to use around children and pets

        • Broad spectrum of activity over multiple applications

        • A powerful antioxidant / Effective against mold and fungi on hard and soft surfaces

CURECEUTICALS ® FreshMeUP ® products are formulated with CitrusVeg™. It is a whole new industry category of nature-made products without harmful chemicals. CURECEUTICALS ® FreshMeUP ® incorporates the efficacy of conventional Pharmaceutical Science and Technology,and the clean and effective ingredients of NATURE to create CLEAN FRESH PURE EFFECTIVE and SAFE products.  CURECEUTICALS ® Fresh Me UP ® with CitrusVeg™ is a natural broad spectrum preservative containing bioflavonoids from fruit. It is also blended with Aloe Vera, and Manuka Honey and the respective FDA/EPA approved active ingredient.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  CureCeutiCals ®, Fresh Me Up ® SakeOnSkin ™ are marks owned by ICP.  Year of The Women® and YearOfTheWomen.com are owned and operated ICP, a Wisconsin corporation Since 1992. For more information, visit our corporate site www.icpCorporation.com