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FreshMeUp Bioflavonoids

FreshMeUp® CITRO-V™ Bioflavonoids


CITRO-V™ is our proprietary blend of bioflavonoids from fruit/Vegetable/Plants/Manuka Honey designed to disinfect Germs (kills 99.9% Germs), Bacteria, Pathogenic Fungi, Viruses, and Mold, NATURALLY without chemicals or drugs.

Some of the attributes of CITRO-V™:

·        99.9% Biodegradable / Non-harmful to humans, animals and the environment

·        Does not contain any petrochemicals / Not tested on animals /  Non – toxic

·        Non – hazardous / Non – corrosive

·        Non – carcinogenic / Hypoallergenic / Leaves no toxic residue

·        Food safe – will not taint food or food products / Safe to use around children and pets

·        Broad spectrum of activity over multiple applications

·        A powerful antioxidant / Effective against mold and fungi on hard and soft surfaces

CURECEUTICALS ® Fresh Me UP ® products are formulated with CITRO-V™. It is a whole new industry category of nature-made products without harmful chemicals. 

CURECEUTICALS ® Fresh Me UP ® incorporates the efficacy of conventional Pharmaceutical Science and Technology,and the clean and effective ingredients of NATURE to create CLEAN FRESH PURE EFFECTIVE and SAFE products.

CURECEUTICALS ® Fresh Me UP ® with CITRO-V™ is a natural broad spectrum preservative containing bioflavonoids from fruit. It is also blended with Aloe Vera, and Manuka Honey and the respective FDA/EPA approved active ingredient.

12-Pack: CC-72000 CLAM CLAM TICK REMOVERS with Specimen Vial

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
CureCeutiCals ®, Fresh Me Up ® SakeOnSkin ™ are marks owned by ICP.  Year of The Women® and YearOfTheWomen.com are owned and operated ICP, a Wisconsin corporation Since 1992. For more information, visit our corporate site www.icpCorporation.com