Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas

N O - D E E T   T I C K S  &  F L E A S - C A M P I N G   K I T
Ticks, Fleas, Bugs, Mosquitoes, Bite, Itch, Bacteria Odor

Bioflavonoids for the Skin. Natural Oils for the Fleas and Mosquitoes.
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·         One vial of one all-natural drop removes tick solution

·         One Clam Clam safe-hygienic tick remover (never have to touch the tick with your hands)

·         One Tick Specimen Vial (Not Shown) - secures tick specimen (tick) for testing

·         One SafeOnSkin Natural No-Deet Flea Spray Tick and Mosquito Repellent 2 oz.

·         One Tick Test Mailing Form (To Submit to Lab for testing if tick is a carrier of Lyme Disease)


Also Available:

The Natural Disinfecting Flea Spray Tick & Mosquito Repellent. Sold separately. It Really, Really Works! 

Use Indoor-Outdoor  | People - Pets | Minor Cuts & Sores

Bioflavonoids for the Skin. Natural Oils for the Fleas and Mosquitoes.

The Natural No-Deet No-Chemical Disinfecting / Sanitizing Insect Repellent
Disinfects Bacteria, Pathogenic Fungi, Viruses, and Mold, While it repels!

Nice Fresh Lemon-Orange Scent!

Other Natural Powerful Uses / Features Make SafeOnSkin™ The Product of Choice:

·         If you develop foot odors, blisters, cracks and itch while traveling, just apply SafeOnSkin™.

·         If you get minor cuts, bites, sores and boils while traveling, just apply SafeOnSkin™

·         If you travel with your pet, apply SafeOnSkin™ before going outdoors.


SafeOnSkin™ is environmentally friendly; safe for waterways; it makes a great camping travel spray; TSA Compliant Travel Size.

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